StlWork is a Low Cost 3D solid/surface tool path development system for CNC Machining. 

In order to use it you will need 3D models.  Models can be in a variety of  formats, but they have to eventually be translated into STL to be used by StlWork.  We include a copy of StlTrans with StlWork to make it easier to find existing models or applications that can design a model.  This page is an alphabetical list of compatible, low cost, 3D cad programs that are capable of designing models for use with StlWork.

Version Application Name (Link) Price Useful File Format (s) Comments
6.5 3D Canvas Pro $69.95 Exports DXF, VRML, 3ds Booleans, solid primitives
3.0 Active Dimensions $56 STL USA
6.1 Amapi      $399 STL Nurbs, Recommended, French
Pro 1.2 Amorphium $229 DXF, 3DS, Vrml Good value, USA, interesting interface
.7 Anim8or Free 3DS,OBJ USA. Very nice for free!
v4beta Argon $895 STL Ashlar-Vellum, USA,Nurbs, Extensive I/O formats.
3.5 Bcad $275 DXF more traditional Cad, Russian
2.12 Blender Free Vrml Dutch
2.0 Breeze Designer Free? Vrml, DXF Australia . POV
5.0 Bryce $299 DXF, 3DS, Vrml Formerly Meta Creations, now Corel Canada. Terrain Meshes
Studio1.1 Carrara $399 Vrml USA
5.0 Cinema 4D GO  $195 3DS, Vrml, DXF German
1.5 Creature Creator $199 3DS Sweden
1.0 Creature Lab $299 3DS Sweden
3D max DesignCad $299 DXF, Vrml USA, traditional CAD
1.0 DXModel $10 3DS Canada
3.0 Easy Model $35 DXF, 3DS, Vrml Netherlands
1.0 Imagine $350 DXF USA Started as Silver on Amiga
NA Inspire3D $495 VRML USA, Light version of Lightwave
2001 Intellicad $129 DXF USA
1.31 K3D Free OBJ USA
1.0 Merlin 3d $549 DXF, 3DS Canada, ACIS based, iges and step
2.2 Minos Free Vrml French
v4beta Neon $445 STL Ashlar-Vellum, USA,Nurbs, Extensive I/O formats.
NA Organica $149 DXF, 3DS USA
4+ProPack Poser $219+149 DXF, 3DS, Vrml USA, Formerly Meta Creations, for faces and figures with clothes.
4.0 Realsoft3D $700+$170 3DS Finland, IGES I/O optional.  Nurbs
2.0 Rhino $795 STL Complex surfaces, Nurbs USA
1.51 sPatch Free DXF, Vrml USA
1.0 Softy3D $39 DXF, 3DS Spain? Nice Organics
9.0 Solid Edge Origin/Plus Free/$495 STL USA Unigraphics, Basic modeler, future upgrade path unknown.
2.4 Spazz3D $100 VRML USA
3.5 Plus Strata $149+ Vrml USA
5.1 TruSpace $299 DXF, Vrml, 3DS USA, Nurbs
NA Truspace for Intellicad $239 DXF USA, Nurbs
7.0Pro TurboCad $399 DXF, 3DS,Vrml Traditional CAD, ACIS enabled, USA

How do we decide what programs to include? All programs on the list are less than $1000. They are all capable of designing 3D solid models that can be saved directly as Stl, or can be translated into Stl by StlTrans.  None of them are part of a competitive Cad-Cam product.

Prices were as of July 10, 2001.  If you know of additional products that may be available for less than $1000, please let us know at : The versions listed were available on-line for the prices shown.  Note: In many cases there are older versions of the same software available for much less money, even free, and sometimes upgradable to the latest version!  If you are on a tight budget, check out E-bay and other software sellers for retail boxed copies of some of these programs available for pennies on the dollar.

7/11/01-added Bryce & Poser

7/25 Added Imagine, Organica, Realsoft3D, Spatch

7/27 Added Merlin 3D

8/1 Added Argon & Neon

8/15 Added Inspire3D and Origin

9/2 Added Anim8ot, Breeze Designer, DXModel, Easy Model, K3D, Softy3D, Spazz3D, Cinema 4D GO, Active Dimensions, Creature Creator, Creature Lab

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