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Amapi is a 3D solid modeler that works with StlWork to put your ideas into reality.

From Vector to Amapi to StlWork

 Amapi can produce 3D solid models from wireframes in DXF files, or by drawing directly in Amapi space.  Modify models by changing the development curves, or by moving the Nurb control points.  Amapi features include a wide variety of import and export options. 

Design using 3D primitives, extrusions, sweeps, ruled surfaces, and Gordian, Coons, and Hull surfaces.  Excellent tools for creating, modifying, and manipulating solid models.  Very nice rendering of finished models, including Zebra mode to highlight surface imperfections.

Make 3D solid text from Tru-type fonts.  Add a fillet to any edge or any corner. Excellent organic smoothing, tessellation and decimation functions.  Set thickness for a surface and perform Boolean operations between multiple 3D objects to form new objects from the 3D intersections.

Save your design as an STL file & StlWork will immediately develop the tool path to cut the part, a mold, or a part holder to hold the part before cutting the back side.

For additional information visit the Amapi web site at: http://www.eovia.com/
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