Privacy Policy

We are very irritated by the proliferation of junk e-mail on the internet

Policy: We pledge that we won't tell anybody about you, without first checking with you. We won't sell e-mail addresses, or any other information that you send us.

Politics: We support efforts to implement charges for bulk e-mail of large quantities of the same message sent to many different addresses (more than fifty) and for heavy e-mail users (more than 250 sent per day). Since there is absolutely no reasonable way that these charges can be allocated to the actual resources which were abused by the spammers, we propose that the ISP's collect the funds and that they be distributed to the following: 10% to the ISP, 10% to the inter-NIC, 10% to the internet standards committee, and the balance (70%) to the local or regional United Way or equivalent. We also propose that these fees be the same as First Class postcards in the United States($.20 each). Any ISP or user not complying with this regulation would be barred from the internet, period, and forever. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Why do we require information from you, before we allow demo downloads?

After many years in the software business, we have found that free demos are not taken seriously. Many times people take them, and then don't bother to try out the software. As such, we charge people for our demos. How much? Just a little time and information. You must provide a valid e-mail address in order to get any of our demo software. We will contact you later to verify that you were able to successfully download our software, and that the installation went OK. Sorry for the inconvenience, but-There is no such thing as a free lunch.

We would also appreciate any feedback that you can provide, particularly suggestions for improvement.

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