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Accutrans Features: 

Accutrans 3D model translation software: 

  1. Includes translator for a variety of 3D file formats, including: AutoCAD DXF, Imagine, Turbo Silver, LightWave, VideoScape, Sculpt (Amiga), 3D Studio, trueSpace, Wavefront, StereoLithography (Binary or Ascii), VRML (versions 1 and 2), RealiMation (Version 4.1), Lightscape and RenderWare.
  2. Read an M by N array of XYZ coordinates in an ASCII file and save them as a DXF polyline mesh.
  3. Read data from  USGS 1-Degree DEM and USGS GTOPO30 landscapes.
  4. A DEM editor so that the elevations of a landscape can be changed by painting on a 2D contour map of the landscape.
  5. Convert a text string using a TrueType font to a 3D outline, which can be extruded with thickness.  An unlimited number of bevels can also be added to the extrusion. It also has stencil making capabilities.
  6. Independent scaling in X-Y-Z, mirroring and rotation.  Makes permanent changes to the STL model.
  7. Save STL models.

Accutrans Software, Hardware, and OS requirements